Truly Unique Catering

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Good Afternoon:

I could not let another second pass by without giving thanks to everyone who have purchased tickets! We are down to only 32 tickets left to be purchased and the Brazoria Room to be filled to capacity for dinner service on January 6, 2018 for Truly Unique Catering & Event Planning 1st Annual À la carte Food Tasting.

God is so awesome. I can't say thanks enough for HE ordering my steps. Thank you for not making this journey easy for me as it has truly built my confidence and have attacked all the fear I once had. I am more spontaneous now when it come to my business growth! I also want to say thank you Lord for aligning me with the right people in this industry, just being connected with people whom share my same vision have been a huge plus whether it was though networking or something else! Thank you for each supporter whom helped me during this journey, my mentors in the industry who continue to help, guide, and instill in me that Ambition without action is fantasy. Set a goal, write it down and get started. Don't think forever. Don't plan forever Don't dream forever. Dreaming is not enough without the doing!  And also sending a huge THANK YOU to my customers your support will never go unnoticed it have allowed me to explore and get better at my craft though every project I completed for you!

I see great things happening 2018 with this business, it's my third child! (I’m so serious)  February 12, 2018 Truly Unique Catering & Event Planning will be 8 years old!! I'm very excited just looking back at all the time, passion, and hard work I have put in to this company. To see it blossom today like its doing. Thanks again to everyone whom have supported me one way or another though this journey as I follow my passionTo God be the Glory! 


Tikishia Jenkins - Executive Chef / Owner of Truly Unique Catering & Event Planning